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Fijians of the World

We’ve been telling stories and opening up conversations on our platforms in Fiji for the past 2 years. In our pursuit to empower Fijians to find themselves, find their happiness, it’s always been an integral part in the way we curate our talks to help shape the definition of who we are as individuals, as Fijians.

And it’s been an honour and privilege in bringing those conversations & stories to you and we strive to continue challenging norms on our platforms in Fiji. But as we move forward, we pause and also acknowledge the many untold stories that have left our shores.

This year, we at The Genda Project are much excited to bring you a new series of live talks, FIJIANS OF THE WORLD. A collection of untold diaspora stories of Viti. 

Coming Soon in 2018 to Sydney, Brisbane & Auckland!