The Genda Project

"Finding You"

Our Vision

Motivating Fijians to live and work with more purposeful choices.

Our Mission

The Genda Project is a Fijian initiative that challenges norms; creating spaces and platforms for individuals to venture out of their comfort zones, discover the possibilities and connect to their own selves. 

Our Aim 

We strive to achieve our mission by creating spaces and platforms for storytelling and idea sharing via alternate media to inspire and motivate our audiences to question; define themselves, to realise the importance of making their own narrative count and to seek happiness with integrity for themselves.

Our Objectives

  • To curate fresh, innovative applicable concepts and themes for our storytelling and idea sharing platforms.
  • To engage and work with other creative organisations in creating our spaces and content to assist creative entrepreneurship in Fiji.
  • To identify corporate organisations whose core values align with ours to foster innovative business partnering to achieve our goals.
  • To inspire and motivate our audiences through our Genda Connections and Genda Interactions platforms.
  • To break perceptions and create an ideas sharing space with our Genda Disrupt content.
  • To provide a world-class ‘event’ experience to our audiences while keeping it ‘elite-free’ and accessible to all.
  • To empower and encourage Fijians to stop moving away from Fiji and to contribute to making it a better economy. To make individuals realise that migration doesn’t always contribute to happiness.
  • To eventually make TGP’s vision of happiness a national interest. Happy individuals means happy families, happy families means happy workplaces, school, public areas, happy working force means a happy business and neighbourhood and they mean a happier country.
  • To Grow; to partner up with charities/social welfare groups and assist them in projects that involve in making communities self-sufficient by supplying the necessary materials/services in-kind. (e.g. we probably won’t partner up with on hospital re-paint project however we will consider supplying with agricultural tools directly to farmers etc.)


Venture. Discover. Connect.