The Genda Project is about you. It's about finding you.

Today while we are connected to all aspects of life via technology, modern travel and a freedom to pursue things not so possible few decades back, some of us have lost that connection to ourselves. Be it career expectations, family obligations, civic duties or just living the norm - it's very easy to get caught in the whirlwinds of life. It's cliched but we all are looking for something that makes our hearts sing and it's amazing how as adults we have a notion that happiness is something of our childhood. As we grow up, our lives are not defined by what makes us happy but what is right or wrong.

And ours is a culture where we don't really talk about...stuff. Living in the Pacific, tucked in a Fijian suburban community, we don’t really do deep. Most of us are never even compelled to question ourselves. Our surnames, our relationships, our faiths, our cultures, our jobs, our social media bios are definitive enough.

The Genda Project is an initiative to break that norm.  We all have a story within us. And one day it has to be told. The Genda Project provides you the space and the platform to venture out, discover the possibilities and connect to others and ultimately to your own self. The Genda Project is all about finding what makes you happy. Through a number of organized talks, The Genda Project connects you to different individuals to share your stories. Our Genda Interactions events are small and intimate while our Genda Connections and GendaDISRUPT talks are on a large scale. Our talks are tailored to put you out of your comfort zone, question you, make you question others and to inspire you! 

Sometimes the only person you need to prove anything to is you.

Take that step. Find You.